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Object painting

Object painting: Three Dimensions – one design

What can we OBJECTively do for you?
  • Sculptures and Object painting
  • Sculpture coating
  • Character creation / modeling and object painting
  • 3D figures creation, production, coating, painting
  • 3D modeling, design
  • In XXL, life-size and small format
  • Individual production and series production


THREE DIMENSIONS - ONE DESIGN: to paint three-dimensional objects or surfaces is a challenging task. We are happy to face the challenge of overcoming perspective and material-related difficulties. Where conventional techniques reach their limits, our remit begins.

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These tasks begin where conventional techniques such as digital printing or the like to the physical load limits comes, such as aircraft painting. Another criterion may be a possible repeat (repeat pattern) with larger patterns or textures. The Object painting in an oversized scale is not a problem for us.

Above all, these are the problems with buckles and other 3-dimensionelen circumstances. We combine in our work to achieve the most appropriate techniques with each other for optimal results.

Since, in addition to painting, classical painting and airbrush include digital printing, plotter and the use of decals to do so. Various films here are in use. Depending on the size and purpose. Usually in combination with paint, airbrush work and clear coat sealant.

As for the sizes, smart art works in almost all dimensions. Oversized custom made, was created as at the European Championships in 2008, when for the Adidas , Impossible Huddle’. Eleven 18 m high football player characters that needed to be brought to life with color.

The Size-technical counterpoint in the Object painting series are productions of small sculptures and figurines that we paint, paint and airbrush. While large series are in good hands of a few thousand shares in Asia, we manufacture the quantities of 1 – 500. 

Here we can offer the color design of figures and sculptures, such as the complete creation of the objects. The dimension between the sculptures and dummies in, life size '.

These include city marketing figures like the Dortmund rhinos (DO-Rhino), the Munich Lions, the Wuppertal penguins or the Berlin Bear. Even the famous Cow Parade is a prime example of Object painting a la smart art.

Model to provide production for advertising, design and industry with a realistic appearance is the art of bringing many techniques and experiences to the point.

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