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Extraordinary Aircraft painting by Smart Art

Aircraft painting, or design painting on airplanes, is a very special activity area of smart art. Here, we always work together with our partner company, the ASAP GmbH.

However, smart art done here is not the complete aircraft painting, but comes as 'special team' just-in-time in the Paint Stores located around the world, to work hand in hand with the aircraft painters.

We can look at this very special and extraordinary range of finishes on many years of experience and impressive credentials. Included here are the logo paintings of Thomas Cook at the aircraft of the Condor fleet.

The conventional processing of screen printing or digital printing films could not withstand the physical demands on time. So Condor looked out for a painting method. We were able to achieve this by the implementation of painted logos with color gradients.

Furthermore, were implemented large blending finishes. For example, in the F1 Livery by Etihad, the inauguration of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. Another special painting with color gradients was implemented in England at Airlivery.

Here is an O2 advertising livery was painted on a Boeing 737-800. For a design painting for the plane from Manchester City Football Club Etihad commissioned us with the airbrush paint of a moon graphic on the belly of the machine with ADAT in Abu Dhabi.

At RUAG in Oberpfaffenhofen smart art painted a classic airbrush work on a private jet. A riveting look '. Most often, however gradients and logo finishes are required.

Work is usually with multi-component aircraft paints. Smart Art works closely together with manufacturers such as Akzo-Nobel Aerospace Coatings.

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