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Wall / Facade

Transform boring concrete walls in an eye-catcher with facade design

Façade painting - design on a grand scale

With Façade design you can achieve great effect at relatively small budget. In particular, the emphasis on a new site to be marketed or appreciation of an object with unattractive appearance.

The specialty of smart art is great façade paintings. Whether this is facade lettering, a facade painting or other facade design. We make facade design of a special kind whether street art, graffiti, illusion painting or free art in architecture.

Smart art is your contact for unusual facade designs at a professional level.

Murals and façade images are created in spray technique (Airbrush), and other painting techniques. Here we offer great facade paintings on with your own designs. Customers can specify these.

We also manufacture designs professionally to customer requirements. Besides that, create facade designs that do not consist of graphic motifs. Facade labels, promotional labels or color schemes and textures are implemented and designed by us equally.

Our painters and airbrushers paint three-dimensional facade images, or illusion paintings (also called trompe l'oeil) as well versed as contemporary street art and graffiti. Street art is currently a very popular form of facade design, which is often offered by Creativ agencies. Street Art has evolved from the graffiti scene and is the umbrella term for an urban and sub-cultural art in architecture.

Wall art using airbrush painting and traditional painting techniques, is also in the swimming pool painting, so to swimming pool pictures, or spa painting, very popular. For swimming pool pictures often classical motifs are painted as a trompe l'oeil. Often, however, also murals with Caribbean motifs.

Floor painting and ceiling painting can be implemented as well as illusion painting. Floor paintings have become especially known for the chalk art by Julian Beever.

Whether you want to transform an indoor swimming pool in an outdoor adventure, or the dreary facade of a house block in a work of art, smart art puts your desires into reality. Facade design is a real eye catcher, floors arouse the attention of your customers rather than serving only as a doormat. Join us to explore new ways to beautify the cityscape, or to advertise for yourself.


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