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Sculpture coating

Sculpture coating: art in all its forms and colours

Sculpture is one of the oldest art forms in the world; giant statues and finely crafted miniatures have always intrigued and fascinated their viewers. With professional sculpture coating, this art form has become even more varied.

Making changes to finished sculptures! Even fully completed artworks can still be altered. With the skilled use of sculpture coating, various effects can be created:

Colourful, modern and eye-catching! When people hear the terms "airbrush" and "lacquer", most people immediately think of colourful and unusual motifs of the kind to be found in the tooth sculptures and Do-Rhino galleries. These eye-catching models provide a great opportunity to use sculpture coating featuring your corporate design to advertise your business or make people aware of a special event.

Turning new into old! Along with bright, colourful effects, the old and weathered look is also very popular. With skilful sculpture coating, a brand-new artwork can be made to look rusty or brittle without changing its structure in any way.

The easy way to change materials! Clothes maketh the man, and with sculptures, the material used is often crucial for the first impression. Marble, concrete, wood, steel, gold: the list of possible materials is long. Yet whichever material you go for, there is always a drawback: too heavy, too expensive, too fragile. With the right sculpture coating, you will get the look you want without suffering any of these drawbacks. A statue with a concrete design which is easy to transport, or a wood look which withstands wind and rain – these are the advantages Smart Art material imitations offer you.

Specialising in the special! Smart Art has over 20 years of professional experience. Unusual and large-scale projects are our speciality. For these kinds of projects, consulting, planning and flexibility are particularly important. Our wealth of experience with projects of this scale, such as the Impossible Huddle or our aeroplane coatings, means we have the expertise to provide you with the best possible result.

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